Summer is over….

It’s been the longest and hottest summer in memory…

In this country far north we’re not spoiled with these things…it’s been a dream. But all dreams come to an end…including this summer. We’re already smelling the touch of chilliness in the winds even though it’s actually still warm and the skies are clear.

This summer has been a very special one…. this spring I released my first album Fearless, and this summer – the best one in man’s memory- has been my promo summer. Go figure… 🙂 I’m not complaining though…it’s been great, rewarding, fun, and a huge learning process that I must say has barely started. We’re still in the middle of the campaign and it’s plenty of work left to be done, but at least now I can breathe at the same time. It literally feels like I hold my breath for the last month…so excited and petrified at the same time. I couldn’t in my life imagine the amount of work that needs to be put down in order to get somewhere with music. Yes, the songwriting, the preproduction, the recording, the production – time consuming work, yes – but fun! But nothing really prepares you for what comes next…. the promotion, the marketing, the screaming for attention. I don’t even know If I really like this part, and yet it’s so necessary for people to even know you exist…and you do want them to… for them to at least hear your music once. So here I am again, screaming for attention….or at least trying to share some thoughts on this absolutely crazy ride I’m on. Even though I’m in this to write music, one of my favourite activities, I really like that I’m learning tons. It’s a jungle with the social media, this website, the interviews, the reviews, the radio plays, the emailing. I have learned more this last month than I have for years, so fast…and that gives me somewhat of a thrill.

So now…that the summer is over, here I am blogging. I like to write…song lyrics for sure, but also writing in general. It focuses my thoughts and gives perspective, and that perspective can be a lifesaver. I try to focus on why I do this, that is, why I sing and write. I have something on my mind and in my heart, something I believe and hope someone out there needs, something that might help them, encourage them, comfort them or maybe even heal them. I think this is why I am here, and that getting my message out is part of my purpose in this life…so I’ll keep doing it. I’ll keep coming back to the piano and write, whatever comes to me….and then we’ll se where this road is taking me. I welcome you to walk with me, at least for a while, and maybe check in now and then… and at the same time head on in your own direction. Because we’re all on a journey… an exciting one, a frightening one and a huge one. All I know is that we need to go where the road is taking us…fearlessly. And that is why I called the album Fearless.

This is the title track lyric video. Hope you like it!

Have a safe and exciting journey……. autumn is almost here.